Mission and Vision Statements

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 Mission Statement

The Stoneleigh Elementary School Community exists to enable all students to:

  • Participate fully in rich academic, intellectual, social, and technological opportunities; Grow in their knowledge, creativity, appreciation of diversity and self-acceptance; and, Become productive, responsible, respectful, and environmentally conscious citizens.

Vision Statement

As members of the Stoneleigh ElementarySchool Community and the Baltimore County Public School System, we believe thatstudent growth and achievement is our primary function. To this end, we acceptresponsibility to:

  • Work together in collaborative teams, to set clear goals, and to share best practices for improving student achievement on a continuing basis;
  • Analyze and identify the strengths and needs of all learners to provide appropriate and engaging instruction;
  • Monitor each student’s progress in order to provide appropriate, timely, and direct support and/or enrichment; and,
  • Provide opportunities for students to access and use technology to promote skills needed by the 21st century learner.

School Pledge:

I pledge to treat others the way I want to be treated.
I will be trustworthy and do my best work.
I will respect others and be responsible for my own actions.
I will also be honest to myself and to others, as I travel safely through the day.